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How to Claim PPI…

PPIPayment Protection Insurance is the largest financial scandal ever to hit the UK banking industry. Most of the wronged parties have in some cases received letters and phone calls directly from their bank. Everyone one of us, owed or not, has received a phone call or a letter from a company who will deal with their claim directly, but what most are unaware of is that any customer who feels they are due a refund can make a claim directly to the bank for no cost.

There are two different ways to claim

Directly to the Banks:

Many banks have already contacted many of the appropriate parties, via letter or telephone. But if you still feel you’re owed a sum then contact your bank via telephone or letter, each individual bank is different in their processes, but they have dedicated sections on their websites specifically on PPi and will outline how to make your claim.

Via a Claims Company:

A whole new sector has immerged from the PPI scandal. The number of companies specialising in reclaiming back refunds on behalf of individuals has skyrocketed. These companies will do all the leg work for you and take out a percentage of the costs, however these work on a no win no fee basis.


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