How to Save Money for Big Ticket Items

Save MoneyIn today’s sociality, whenever we want to buy a big ticket item we default to credit card rather than actually saving money for it. However, in order to eventually gain financial freedom we have to break the habit of using credit cards for everything we want and go back to saving money for those big ticket items. According to a finance article, if you can not pay money for the item, than you can not afford to have it. But this does not mean that you should not buy the item. All this entails is, until you actual save up the money for the item, you can not purchase it. In another article by U.S. News, they came up with a list of items you could consider in order to help you save money. Some of these items include: visiting the grocery store less, using coupons, buying in bulk, price matching, buying used, appealing property taxes, and getting medical discounts. Simple steps that can be taken right now could add up to major savings which could permit you to finally buy that big ticket item with cash.

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How to login to Citibank online banking?

online bankingThe consumer division of Citigroup is known as Citibank.  It was in the year 1812 the Citibank was founded and was then popular as City Bank of New York. In North America this bank is having 983 branches.  Apart from regular banking transaction this bank is also dealing in products like insurance, credit cards, loans and other investment products.  The online service division of the bank is very popular having more than 15 million users.Logging on to the Citibank account is easy. The online banking facilities provide you with lot of scope and you will be able to monitor the status of your bank balance at any time when you use the online banking feature. Apart from this, there are other facilities as well. In order to avail these facilities, you need to complete the login process at the outset.

The Citibank online login process begins when you visit the official web portal and fill up the relevant information that you are asked for. At the outset, you will be asked to choose the type of account. Next, you need to complete the login process. You will need to enter the user id or password. Make sure that there are no mistakes on your side while entering the passwords. Sometimes you may forget the password, and at such situations you can take online help to recover the same.

Once you complete the login process, you will be the master of your finances. You will be able to check the balance online. The bank statements will be displayed on the screen and you need not go to the bank whenever you need to know the balance. The navigation menu has several options and you just need to navigate through the links to know the desired information.

After completing the Citibank online login, you will find several options on the web page and then navigate through the portal in order to know relevant details about the account. You may want to know about the different schemes available to for you, and you will find all the details including the duration of the schemes, rates of interest and benefits from each scheme from the portal.

The greatest benefit of online banking is that you can pay the bills online anytime and anywhere. There is a transaction code and you should never disclose this code to anyone. You can also receive payments in the online banking process. After all, there are several benefits of online banking and once you get started with the process, you will experience a new world of banking.  In order to get a better idea about the process to follow for login you can pay a visit to the website of the bank or can even give a call to the service team for better assistance. The customer service team is available 24×7 to provide support to the customers for any queries, information and support. Visit the website of the bank for more information about its services and products the bank is dealing with.


Let’s Talk About Forex and Prejudices

ForexIt is not a secret that there is a number of taboos about the foreign exchange market. I only mention the word “Forex” and I can already hear people whispering, I mean, the immediate reaction of most people to the Word is like we are talking about a bunch of legends, myths and prejudices surrounding these “Forex” Market. From the junk emails everybody hates, best no deposit bonuses 2016, to those unscrupulous persons who are able to rig the market on the belief that it can make you rich overnight. Some of them are true, others less so, but you have learn to avoid them in order to maintain your investments under control.

My best advice is to keep your distance and read articles and blogs with a critical eye, you can learn from them, and relate those to your own experience. Either way, these are the three main prejudices or misconceptions (judge for yourself) surrounding the foreign exchange:

First prejudice Only the experienced traders can succeed

Only practice makes perfect, even when you are trading with the best no deposit bonus 2016. That’s true to a certain extent, because all of the experienced traders are actually seasoned in battle. And what’s worse, you can be considered an expert among the forex community, even if you are constantly losing half of your trades. The reason is that not even the experienced traders can have it right all the time. Think twice next time the best “expert” comes to give you the “best” advice and make sure you share their vision.

Second prejudice Forex makes you rich overnight

First things first, you’ll get big profits in the Forex market only if you master your strategies and learn to analyse trends to finally make the right decisions. Actually, mastering your margin trading, options, and futures, is not achievable so fast, or easily. I mean, we are talking about advanced strategies. Winning trades is definitely not a simple task, is a process, more than a long-term project. None of the profits will come just from lucky chance with no deposit bonus in 2016.

Third Prejudice – Forex is Predictable. Therefore Rigged

One thing is certain; the foreign exchange activity is so volatile that it can’t be arranged. Don’t forget that the currencies, the stock prices and the exchange rates are always fluctuating, so it is very difficult to see the patterns right away. You should be aware of any forecast and magic formulas that strive to dominate and convince you that it’s all about scientific procedures. Forget those trick mails and videos offering fail-safe patterns of the market, they simply don’t exist.

Conclusion: To sum up, the only way to success in the Forex market is by learning about the foreign currency movements and building your own strategies and tools. Keep on reading our articles and stay yourself informed.


Forex Market: Shorting your Losses

Forex MarketThere are two main enemies for every trader: letting a losing run go on expecting to recover (because we were obviously right at first) and trying to recover from a loss quickly. The lack of experience and consciousness about these factors can be critical to any aspiring or experienced trader.

For that matter, there are some things we can do to prevent ourselves to keep walking towards an abyss and turn around, which basically consists on continuously evaluating the road and looking around for anything weird.

By permanently monitoring how a trade is moving and your no deposit bonus 2016 we can keep track of its direction and detect any wrong turn, no matter how convinced we were of the road. When we are trading currencies there are many factors that can affect directly our price movements that we may not even know about. For this reason, the best thing we can do is just to monitor its performance.

Keeping emotions away and our thoughts sober is the best way to deter a bad trade almost instantly, allowing yourself to avoid an economic catastrophe. Indicators like a reversal candlestick can show you a trade is going wrong. Even a turn after a certain news that just came up. Any sign of weakness should be detected as soon as possible, this is as important as our winners. Even if you loose all of your no deposit bonus deal in 2016, keep it calm!

Right after we detect a bad trade going on its time to take action on it and exit as soon as possible. Exiting a bad trade not only will save us money, but it will save us the most valuable asset; time. Time we can invest in finding our next great trade.

The next big thing to keep in mind, know that we know how important it is to exit trades on time, is to have an exit strategy. The oldest and most efficient strategy is to set a stop loss price to the trade right before making it. A stop loss is the level in which we decide to sell a trade because that is not the way you were expecting, it’s basically “I won’t lose more than this”.

Defining your Exit Strategy

Whatever your strategy is, it is very important that you know what it is, how it works and execute without exceptions. Here are four types of factors that influence traders decisions daily

Time based Calls: Other type of traders just likes to watch a pair and how it develops for a specific time and for that time only. The time periods are determined by a previous analysis with tools for that and aim to accomplish a pretty specific objective.

Support and resistance levels: Some traders prefer to base their decisions on the Support and Resistance levels of a certain currency, when these are broken it is time for them to make a trade.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI): These are based on the two period RSI. They depend on if the trade is for a long or a short position. These traders look for pairs that are overbought or oversold in order to determine a trend; This allows them to exit on time if it took the wrong direction.

Trend-based Decisions: Other traders like to make their calls based on the trend that it is following; So, if it’s going up, they put the stop loss under the most recent swing low. If the trend is going down, they set their stop loss under the most recent swing high.

Remember to make your own rules and stick to them, knowing when to stop losing is definitely a big plus for a trader. Pick only best no deposit bonus 2016 and trade safely.


How to Claim PPI…

PPIPayment Protection Insurance is the largest financial scandal ever to hit the UK banking industry. Most of the wronged parties have in some cases received letters and phone calls directly from their bank. Everyone one of us, owed or not, has received a phone call or a letter from a company who will deal with their claim directly, but what most are unaware of is that any customer who feels they are due a refund can make a claim directly to the bank for no cost.

There are two different ways to claim

Directly to the Banks:

Many banks have already contacted many of the appropriate parties, via letter or telephone. But if you still feel you’re owed a sum then contact your bank via telephone or letter, each individual bank is different in their processes, but they have dedicated sections on their websites specifically on PPi and will outline how to make your claim.

Via a Claims Company:

A whole new sector has immerged from the PPI scandal. The number of companies specialising in reclaiming back refunds on behalf of individuals has skyrocketed. These companies will do all the leg work for you and take out a percentage of the costs, however these work on a no win no fee basis.