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Vital FAQ on secured credit cards – Can they really help boost your credit rating?

credit ratingWith mortgage rates at their record low levels and auto loan rates as low as 0%, now is perhaps the best time to be on the buyer’s side of the credit equation. However, the challenge that many people face while pursuing these historically low interest rates is their poor credit quality. Despite getting credit card balance transfers and auto loan requests at record low rates, there are many borrowers who fail to take out such loans due to poor credit score and the fear of high interest rates. Some experts recommend people to use secured credit cards in order to improve their credit score. But is it so? Is it true that one can boost his credit score with the help of secured cards? Let’s have a look at some of the vital questions that people ask before getting such a card.

Questions before getting a secured credit card

Yes, it is true that credit cards are now a fact of life. You need a card to make a hotel or plane reservation or to rent a car. Responsible usage of credit cards has become a rare phenomenon. People who have never had credit or are walking on the path of repairing their credit score might not qualify for regular credit cards. For them, a secured card might be the best possible solution. Check out some vital questions on secured credit cards.

  • What actually is a secured credit card?

When you take out a secured credit card, you require a cash collateral deposit so that it becomes the credit line for that account. For instance, if you deposit $500 in the account, you can charge up to that amount. You can anytime add to the deposit in order to increase your credit limit. Sometimes, the bank may also reward you for making good and timely payments and add to your credit line without requesting you to make any other additional deposits.

  • Where to get secured credit cards? Are they available like the regular ones?

Are you a member of some credit union? If answered yes, you can ask about a secured credit card as they usually offer such cards. There are many credit unions that offer secured cards to all their members and might even offer lower interest rates and waive off the annual fees. You can even check Bankrate’s list of secured credit card issuers to get more information.


  • Are there any risks to watch out for before taking out such cards?

Yes, according to the experts, secured credit cards have the good, the bad and the ugly. Some come with great offers and some don’t. They carry low fees and interest rates and they treat customers as customers and not as cattle. The bad credit card companies take undue advantage and usually extort their clients because of their poor situation. Apart from the good and the bad, there’s the ugly which are completely intolerable. They are the ones that will give you the card but you have to purchase their insurance policy!

  • How can I use the secured credit card best to build my credit rating?

Buy a few things with your secured credit card and pay off the balance every month. If you’re someone who carries the balance from one month to the other, secured credit cards are not for you. The motive of taking out secured credit cards is to make sure that you don’t spend more money than what you can afford and hence it’s not at all a good idea to keep balances without paying them. Secured cards have high interest rates than the regular ones and you can’t seek help of debt consolidation companies if you wish to pay off the debt.

Use secured credit cards as stepping stones to success. Use them responsibly to improve your credit score.


College Students Would Be Well Served To Avoid These 5 Common Financial Mistakes

Financial Mistakes1. Living on Credit Cards
Credit cards are unavoidable when you are a student and want a comfortable life. In moderate amounts, it is even helpful because it lets you focus on other things. But too much credit card use can lead to poor decisions and even damage your financial health. If you find yourself dreading about going to a supermarket without credit cards, why not take some cash instead? Knowing how much money you spent on groceries and other useful things will give you a chance to work through your financial status and help you relieve money-related stress.

2. Taking High Interest Loans
You can’t eliminate high interests, although you can – with the help of low interest loans or special programs meant for students or at least limit its impact on your student life. As a student, you should control your exposure to high risk loans by saving money as much as possible. Among the things you can do to control risk are to battle the urge to buy unwanted things and living modestly. You may be able to take a student loan for a reasonable interest rate from credit unions as long as you make sure to repay it promptly.

3. Spending More Than You Should
Your net worth is as important as your loan. Every now and then, you should sit down and tally up your money in hand to figure out where you stand and what you can afford to spend. Why should you care about your net worth and spending? One common reason is future planning. Simply put, the more money you have by the end of the college, the more comfortable your future will be. The key to finance planning is making accurate budget for your basic needs and following it religiously.

4. Co-signing Loans and Liabilities
You probably feel you should help your friends from time to time. But that doesn’t mean you should go over board with it. It is easy to see that some students find lots of personal satisfaction in co-signing their friends’ loans and liabilities. Do not be one of them for your financial safety.

5. Being Afraid of Investing
There is no place where self-discipline plays a more important role than in investing your spare changes. You can allocate as much or as little of the left over money to a safe investment of your choice. You can even decide to go further. There are many opportunities for students in the field of investment. By investing your money, you are paying yourself instead of squandering it. You should get a decent return on the investment and risk you have invested five years down the road.



Financial Management Process Is Transforming

imagesThe procedure of financial management is one of the key procedures in a business. This procedure performs an important role in assisting the corporate decisions, while meeting the legal and regulatory decisions. To run a company efficiently, it is essential to handle its finance in a precise and appropriate manner. This is why business owners hire a expert help or partner with a financial service provider to handle end to end accounting projects. With an extensive network of professionals, finance and accounting companies bring together the right set of people at the right time to help business owners lead the financial market. By concentrating on helping the performance and increasing the value of a business, these service providers provide a range of finance solutions to bring a change in this industry.

Well-organized Financial Operations

By standardizing and structuring the accounting functions, a business owner gets empowered to identify the improvement areas and recommend relevant suggestions to get over market difficulties. In order to discover the full potential of resources, financial firms incorporate advanced technology and programs that further improve the accounting procedures and deliver appropriate reviews and precise results. This allows the in-house staff to move their focus on other primary areas. Service providers provide effective systems and sources to handle operations and dealings of the financial sector.

Service offerings:

• Researching the market

• Financial management and control

• Accounting BPO Services

• Banking Services

• Financial marketing and research

• SLA management

With the help of a service provider, business owners can reduce the risk factor and increase revenue, on various financial choices.

Other allied financial services include:

• Accounts receivable management

• General ledger accounting

• Accounts payable management

• Collection Outsourcing

• Bank reconciliation

Effective Decision Making

The service providers provide a sufficient financial plan and a performance management plan so as to help a business owner make better choices. Business owners make reference to finance predictions before creating any purchase or including a new sections to their business.


Fast cash offers from installment loans no credit check direct lenders

loansThe pace at which life is moving these days is very different from what it used to be just a few years back. Individuals are getting more and more engrossed in their job that demands them to work on a 24/7 basis. With a higher degree of dependency on the loans, their struggle with maintaining their finances in good shape is increasing day by day. In such situation, people are often faced with urgent requirements and are forced to take a loan from There are many options that can help one arrange the necessary funds but with the work and paucity of time, one would need something that is quick. One such solution can be unsecured loans that offer fast cash. These loans can serve as a solution that offers you everything you need and are available in such abundance that they are not very difficult to find.

In the current times where online loans are a rage amongst people, one can swiftly avail these loans that would not ask of high value collaterals while still providing you with installments to support your monthly budget. These loans are formatted in the fashion of unsecured loans, so they do not come with a requirement for you to submit something as a security that would lower down the risk of the ordeal or they do not even ask you to bring along cosigner for the loan.

More and more people are taking to the online installment loans as they can easily use for them after their office hours. Since there is no need to visit a lender’s office or meet the loan officers, these loans prove to be more successful with the borrowers.

It is not an obligatory pre-requisite that you come with a very impressionable credit score so as to qualify for applying to the loans. You current financial situation in these loans is not assessed. So if you failed to make some payment or was late in making them than it is not a matter of worries when applying for online cash advance installment loans.

Mostly when you apply for the short term installment loans these days it is a service available over the internet. The format is very easy, and you just have to locate the button that says Apply Now, and this one click will open for you the application form in which you will have to fill some basic details about yourself.

The documents that are required in the traditional loans they are not needed here. Now-a-days taking loans is very common, and people do it repeatedly. It is just that you will have to be careful with the paying back. When you pay the loan on time and completely, it builds up your goodwill and ultimately you become privileged to have better loan terms with larger amounts and for more time. For instance, when you become a regular customer and pay all the dues on time then after a while you can take a loan of $1000 for a period as long as six months.

When you take a loan initially, the lenders try to assess your situation while keeping in mind all the financial aspects and not just what any single report says. Therefore, it is initially easy to get approved for a loan, and as you build your image, you get better loans sometimes even without any customary check of your credit.